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Welcome New EPIC Cohort Members

Last week, we welcomed 4.

Yes, that's right. 4 new members of our EPIC young business community.

And over last month, we have welcomed 8

Below is more about their businesses, please reach out.

Let's create an EPIC community, sharing all our journeys, supporting new business and growing together.

Mihai Pelin - Knockoutsound is a concept that simplifies the sound production for video projects. Being defined as an all in one audio production company we are able to record sound on set as well as do the post production.

Corey Clarke - Business is called Hustle Hard Music a collective of DJs, Producers & Artists. Corey's aim is to create a studio space for young creatives to express themselves but also as a central hub for Hustle Hard Music members.

Iveta Pudilova - Happy Autistic Lady creates empowering stationery for Autistic people to make their workplaces and overall lives more accessible and filled with joy. Utilising stickers, badges and other stationery. They enable individuals to convey their identity and needs positively, while also providing sensory stimulation thanks to adding texture to mundane items.

Rhys Jardine - Growing his own YouTube channel, and tarot card reading page. Rhys want to be one of the biggest mind-body-soul coaches in the world.

Alejandra Beccera - Build her own clothing brand - Minino Clothing. Handcrafting one off items and selling via Vinted.

Tayyab Sandhu - Tayyab has chicken poultry farm start up, with 8 chickens and developed a small customer base. Looking to move from small scale and would like to take it to the next level and expand.

Dominik Kulscar - Our energy bars provide high quality energy, from specifically selected natural ingredients for their nutritional benefit to support optimal physical and cognitive function. Winner of 'Fresh Taste' EPIC Award 2023.

Foysol Ahmed - Using telegram and Instagram to share betting tips on football games across world. Looking to build community and build business.

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