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How founders can build an engaged and meaningful online community

The Small Business Sessions podcast from Enterprise Nation

Daisy Morris, founder of social media consultancy and digital community The Selfhood and author of Community Is Your Currency, a book on how business owners can grow a meaningful online community.

Daisy started her journey in entrepreneurship after being frustrated by the lack of down-to-earth and human advice for those trying to find their way in the world of digital marketing and social media.

In the episode, we discuss the power of community and how founders can build a strong and authentic community around their business.

On this week's Small Business Sessions podcast

During the show, Daisy shares brilliant advice and insights. Topics discussed include:

  • The definition of community when it comes to small business owners.

  • How small business get started with building a meaningful community.

  • The key steps to growing a community and keeping it meaningful.

  • How business owners know that their community is benefiting their business.

  • How founders can find their story and communicate it to followers, customers and fans.

  • How business owners can stand out on social media.

  • How business owners can decide which social media platforms are best for them.

Listen and subscribe on your favourite platform.

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