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November EPIC Programme updates

EPIC programme participants have access to a wide range of Masterclasses and bespoke business support from mentors. We caught up with a couple of entrepreneurs to hear about their experiences.

Miriam, the owner of Miri Makeup, recently completed the Financial Masterclass, followed by mentoring with Paul Silk. She says, "...the advice was incredible. It was the most valuable time of my life, and I was thinking, I can't believe I didn't know this". She also had the opportunity to shadow an established bridal makeup artists and shares more about this experience in our video interview:

Sometimes even entrepreneurs not enrolled in EPIC benefit from the Masterclasses! Luke of MartySupplies says this includes him as he's benefited from being in the office as his business partner, Leo, goes through the sessions. He says, ''Leo and I have been business partners since August, which is when I first heard about the EPIC programme. Since then, I have gained insight and knowledge by joining Leo whenever he is taking part in a Masterclass. We are extremely grateful for the knowledge that is made available to us and this has definitely impacted us so early on in our journey.''

Would you like to join the EPIC programme? Visit our website today to learn more and apply.

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