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Mentor, Support, Sponsor 16-25 year old Entepreneurs from underprivileged or adverse backgrounds

  • Help make a difference to young 16-25 year old entrepreneurs from underprivileged / adverse backgrounds.

  • Your contributions and support will help run business workshops, provide regular individual coaching, business insights, equipment and specific training, to give them all the tools for success.

  • Help to expand their knowledge and give them the confidence to build their own successful business.

  • You will be giving our young people access to resources and opportunities that they would have struggled to have realised before, THANK YOU.

Mentor, Help and Support the Businesses of Tomorrow

Corporate Social Responsibility

Brand Exposure, Recognition  and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Engages Employees and Talent

Improve your Talent Pipeline, Increase Employee Engagement and Development

Impact Local Communities

Impact on local communities and young businesses which bring Fresh Perspectives

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