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EPIC Entrepreneurs are recruited via an interview panel where they present their business idea and share their aspirations. The entrepreneur then journeys through a structured, 3-month programme to gain the skills and knowledge they need to successfully start a business. This includes:

EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme
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EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme Success Stories
EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme


Since we started two years ago, we’ve helped more than 30 young people achieve their dreams, become self-sufficient by successfully starting a business, and our ambition doesn’t end there!

We want to continue to help more young people, who often have to overcome challenges to fulfil their potential. We think their stories are inspirational.

EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme Mo Candy Castle Studios
EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme Mentorship


Each young person who joins the programme is guided every step of the way by a specialist mentor who is passionate about sharing their insight, ideas and experience with others, and who knows how to bring out the best in others.


Learn more about our mentorship programme or if you are looking to become one, contact us!

EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme Mentorship
EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme
EPIC Young Entrepreneur Programme

EPIC is a part of the Martin James Foundation, with generous donations from our network of supporters


We are passionate about helping young people to be fearless about their futures. We exist to support them in their growth as entrepreneurs who will contribute to a better, more inclusive society where individuals are valued, and communities grow and thrive cohesively.


EPIC is about Fearless Futures – inspiring others to be bold, kind and courageous in their ventures to be an entrepreneur.

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